About Value Seeds



Value Seeds Ltd (Value Seeds) is a field crop and vegetable seed company incorporated in 2009. Grant-based support from Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa in 2014 enabled the company to intensify its outreach to smallholder farmers and to develop ‘value kits’ for maize and rice, all-in-one input packages for farmers. Active only in its home market Nigeria, the company primarily engages in seed production and distribution but it is increasingly focusing on research and development. The company’s portfolio mainly consists of open-pollinated varieties, while offering hybrid varieties for a few crops, including maize. Its main crops are maize, rice and soybean. The company partners with multiple international and national organizations in research and development.

Value Seeds Limited, an indigenous crop seed production, solution, and development company, in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, is set to empower about 10,000 smallholder farmers in Nigeria with the distribution of farm supplements.

The collaboration targets that 70 per cent of the participants would be women to selected from 22 local governments in five states, including Kaduna, Kano, Niger, Benue, and Katsina.

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Our Values

- Accountability
- Innovation
- Integrity
- Professionalism
- Resourcefulness
- Value Addition

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Our Mission

To continuosly commercialize innovative agricultural seed technologies that will increase farmer's Yields, enhance nutrition and build livelihoods through expertise, technology application and being a customer-centric seed company.

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Our Vision

To lead the transformation of the seed system in West Africa.

Clients and Partners

We collaborate with key stakeholders in the landscape to facilitate the downstream movement of quality early generation seeds along the value chains.